We supply replacement mica sheets and panels or as it's sometimes known " isinglass " for wood burning and coal burning stoves, especially French antique stoves, also paraffin stoves, boilers, kilns, lanterns etc.

We are extremely proud of the excellent quality of our mica, which is sourced from the best mines in the world, therefore our stove mica has superb clarity and is as uniform as a natural mineral product can be.
The Thickness of our mica sheets are between: 0.004 / 0.006”

We mail our mica all around the world on a daily basis.

As well as mica sheets we sell other restoration items and as we have been in the antique stove and fireplace trade for many years, you can be confident that we only sell the best quality and proven products.

We sell a full range of stove restoration products, thermal stove rope seal, high temperature stove rope adhesive etc. and replacement stove glass for all models of wood burning stoves and custom cut glass to any size.