Fitting Esse Dragon Stove P Seals.

On most of the Esse Dragon MK 1, MK 2 and Dolphin Stoves they didn’t use standard stove rope, Esse used a “p” seal or nick named a tadpole seal because of it’s shape cross sectioned. A lot of people try fixing 10 mm stove rope on but it will fall off and at the end of the day the best and most economical way to run a stove is with the air getting into the stove where you want it, eg: the air vents, not through the doors or leaks.

Esse used a “p” seal or a tadpole seal.

Esse used a “p” seal or a tadpole seal.








Here’s how you fit them.

Take the mica or glass retaining plate off, wire brush, wire wool or clean the cast iron, depending on it’s condition.

Lay the P seal around the top to the bottom of the door and work out how you are going to sort out the bottom corner. When you know how it lays trim the bits necessary and glue the door seal with the silicone stove rope adhesive, don’t worry you have plenty of time before it starts to go off.

Get the round part of the seal as tight as you can to the retaining plate ( you don’t want it baggy and scuffing ). Make any holes in the seals for the bolts then bolt the frame up fairy tight but not “bar tight”. Make sure your happy and leave it till next day and have a drink of something you like. The next day you could try the bolts 1/4 turn just to bed it down on the cured silicone adhesive.

Now your good to go!                                                                                                               The P seals should last you many many years and the heat out-put will improve, fuel consumption will go down hugely and if you are using mica, as long as the mica is sealed properly will last for years to come.

Pain in the ass P seals !

Click on the photo and then right click, save image for an even bigger photo.


Buy P seals here.

Buy Silicone stove rope adhesive Here.

 I hope this has helped.


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