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Stove mica sheets Image

Mica sheets for wood, coal and paraffin stoves.

We sell mica sheets or isinglass as it's sometimes referred as, globally.
Our mica is sourced from only the best mines, and is hand graded for top quality, therefore our stove mica is as clear and as uniform as a natural mineral product can be.
there sometimes can be graining, markings and inclusions etc but these are minimal and will not show in the stove.

Check out our: stove mica sheets f.a.q. page for in depth information.
Stove mica sheets with bleamishes. Image
Budget Stove Mica sheets.
As we grade our high quality mica sheets, we find some sheets that are a little too speckled, have to much graining and markings etc, for our high standard, this may show when they are placed on a white sheet of paper or held up to the light but when fitted in the stove it doesn't really notice too much.

But these are the exactly same as our other sheets and are perfect for stoves, if fact we sell a lot of these to the trade to fit in their stoves for sale.
( lets face it, it's going to get dirty once you light the stove )

( All sizes and quantities are subject to availability.)

Mica sheets with bleamishes for electrical use. Image
Mica Sheets For Electrical Use:
These are also ideal for all electrical applications.
Manufactures often use SIL pads as they are cheap!
Mica insulators will provide better performance than SIL pads.
These mica strips provide electrical insulation while providing the BEST thermal conductivity that is available.

The thickness of our mica sheets are between: 0.004 / 0.006" , so these are thick enough to split or cleave into several more sheets to meet your electrical insulation needs.
Mica window and rope adhesives. Image

Mica window and rope adhesive.
Thermocoll high temperature black adhesive ( with a resealable cap ) is ideal to fix and seal the stove mica in place during the asemblely of the framework that holds the window panes on the stove doors, you will only need to use a small bead, and you can obviously use it for stove rope, but as it's a 17ml tube, it doesn't go that far, so I would suggest:

our brand New Silicone based adhesive in a large 75ml squeezy tube so there's enough to fix your mica windows, and masses of stove rope seals and as this adhesive has a long shelf life, it will keep for any future problems you may have.

Thermal stove door rope, white and black Image
Thermal stove rope
Our soft glass woven stove rope, door seal or gasket, is of top quality and is used to seal around the main stove doors and also around top and side loading doors often found on French stoves. This stove rope can also be used to seal between flue pipes and the flue spigot on the stove. The high temperature rope seal is usually fitted into the groove around the doors and glued with our high temperature stove rope adhesive.

Our black stove rope is ideal for black cast-iron stoves or were the door is mounted quite proud and the fire rope will show from the side or top and white rope would stick out like a sore thumb!

We are now buying our stove rope in larger quanities and can pass the savings on to you !

High temperature stove rope adhesive. Image
High temperature stove rope adhesive.
High temperature adhesive is used to glue ceramic stove rope seals, thermal tape, and ceramic fibre seals to coal and wood burning stoves, flues, range cookers and boilers etc.

Black stove and grate polish Image

Replacement vermiculite fire bricks Image
Replacement vermiculite fire bricks
These vermiculite fire bricks are really great for replacing broken clay bricks, they cut with any woodwork tools, wood saw, Stanley knife etc, they have the density of very dense balsa wood, but when the stove heats up they become much harder and stronger. You can cut and shape them in minutes to clad out your fire box and if you use them on end and bevel off the edges, you can make an almost circular shape for pot belly stoves.
During the first snow of this year, I clad the inside, back and sides of my wood burning stove and I reckon the output went up by 35%, Ye-ha !

Unfortunately not available for the E.U.

Esse Dragon stove MK1 and MK 2 spares Image
Esse Dragon stove MK1 and MK 2 spares
For the Smith & Wellstood / Esse Dragon stove MK1, MK2 and Dolphin,
we can supply: A full set of replacement stove mica panels, stove glass to convert the dragon stove from mica panels to glass and the special fire rope seals that are used on the dragon doors or 'P' Seal strips as they are commonly known.

For more information on the Esse Dragon stoves, Click Here

Please ask for shipping prices on stove glass for E.U. countries.

Aga and Rayburn wicks and seals. Image
Aga and Rayburn wire reinforced glass fibre wicks, and the replacement seals for the insulated hotplate lids.
Replacement Stove Glass Panels and Strips. Image
Replacement Stove Glass Panels and Strips.
We also can supply replacement wood burning stove glass panels and strips, our trade supplier is one of the main suppliers of the original fitted glass for the wood burning stove manufacturers.
These are manufactured from the finest quality zero thermal expansion rated ceramic glass.
Sizes are available from stock for
ALL leading stoves.
Also an in-house cutting facility means any size and shape can be quickly supplied to order.

Please ask for shipping prices on stove glass for E.U. countries.

Miscellaneous Clearance Items. Image
I'm clearing out, masses of architectural antique stock, not particularly stove items but something you might be looking for.
Please note this is to clear, so when they're gone they're

I have thrown up a quick website to clear it all.

Please Visit: My Stuff for sale